We need to talk about the Y cult!

Firstly, I dislike sales positions in general.  I dislike the lack of personality we expect from salespeople.  Even more so, I dislike the lack of humanity we have grown accustomed to in these roles.

So I can see the appeal of the ‘honest, hardworking, empowering’ posts which fly around social media written by the army of MLM mums sharing these ‘life changing’ beauty products.

The issue is that this sales approach, in my opinion, has just the same downsides as self-confessed pushy sales roles, but in addition it’s using and abusing friendships to increase sales further.

I won’t go into the reading up I’ve done on the matter  (particularly focused on a certain ‘Y’ company), but I promise I have read up on it.  I really believe that people are getting themselves into a situation where they’re bullied (or at least nudged) into posting countless upbeat posts to give the illusion of a wonderful, life changing transformation.  The fact is, they need to make sales and they need to try and recruit others, which they are far more likely to do with upbeat publicity.  No problem, right?

My problem lies in the countless posts disguised as genuine honesty, but which are ‘copy and paste’ adverts.  I’m sure, if you have more than one of these ‘sisters’, you’ve seen the uncanny similarities in their recent posts.  Fine – all companies have adverts!  But when they’re emotive posts which are often phrased in seemingly heartfelt, personal ways, can’t we call a spade a spade and be more honest?  When the approach is often to put down people buying from high street brands instead of ‘trusting’ that their friends want to change their lifes/make up bags for thr better, I find it ironic that I can see several friends quite clearly brushing over the truth with identical posts pulling at heartstrings to open our pursestrings!  

Another pet peeve is to suddenly tag themselves as ‘MUA’ (untrained ‘Make Up Artists’) and tell us how they love the chances this company have provided for their family in a copy and paste job.  I find this really disappointing and hypocritical.

Personally, I’ve purchased two such products from different friends, and found them really substandard.   Yes, there’s a ‘no quibble’ return policy, but not without either checking you understood how to use the product or (possibly my own issue) the potential for awkwardness afterwards.

I don’t wish to lose friends over this.  I could hide the posts, of course.   They shouldn’t offend me, and it’s true this particular company contributes to its own charity and has a lovely message behind it.  But I would just like a group of ladies who claim to have been uplifted and empowered by their new career to either face the fact that they’re now hard-core sales people and will post dishonest adverts, or to write with more honesty.  Maybe there’s a product they’re not so keen on, but another that they enjoy using.  Maybe they’re not enjoying trying to push their ‘recruits’ for more sales and they just want to host a few online make up parties.   Maybe there’s a new product launching that needs a ‘buzz’ around it, but it’s not going to change anyone’s life.  Maybe a product is going to sell out in hours, because they’ve been told to buy it in bulk.  

I’m a self employed mum, and I sometimes share posts about my business.  I don’t, however, pretend I’m not a salesperson while sharing a greatly exaggerated post that an ‘upline’ has put out there, claiming it as my own experience.   I don’t ask people to trust me whilst being dishonest.  It’s the nature of social media to gloss over difficulties, but I don’t buy my own singing lessons and then tell others they must sing with me or they’re selling their soul!  

Dramatic MLM rant over!  Well done if you survived it! 😂😘
PS:  I recently had a make up bag overhaul and purchased from a self employed Avon rep.  I got absolutely loads for my money, and was more than happy with the quality.  Just saying! 😄😉


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